Ira's Water Saving Aerators

German patented product

Fits in to existing taps

Saves you 80% of water, that’s right!

Reduces the water flow

Regulates the pressure

Doesn’t affect water usage experience

Most Popular Among

Household, Hotel, Corporate, Hospital, Factory, Institute, Community Washing Area

Most Common Applications

Wash Basin, Kitchen Sink, Dry Balcony, Shower Head – Hand/Overhead, Health Faucet

Product Variants

Spray stream offers an ideal means of dispersing water over the largest possible wetting area with least flow rate.
Outlet Stream - Spray Flow Rate - 1.9 lpm

Ideal Application
Wash Basins/Common Washrooms
Hotels | Corporate Offices | Industries | Residential Flats | Bungalows | Malls | Commercial Spaces| Hospitals | Institutes

Water saving 80%

It uses Venturi Effect to introduce air in the water stream. Gives pleasant, soft and abundant water feel regardless of flow rate.
Outlet Stream - Foam Flow Rate - 5.7 lpm

Ideal Application
Dry Balcony/Washing Area/Canteen
Hotels | Residential Flats | Bungalows | Malls | Commercial Spaces | Institutes | Hospitals

Water saving 50%

Replace existing washer in the old bib/pillar tap, shower head or hand shower with PCW for reduced flow and regulated pressure at different floors/heads.
Outlet Stream - Uniform Flow Rate – 1.9 to 9.7 lpm

Ideal Application
Overhead & Hand Showers/Old taps
Hotels | Residential Flats | Bungalows | Malls | Commercial Spaces | Institutes | Hospitals

Water saving 50%

Frequently Asked Questions

How much water saving per day with WSA?

It depends on the flow variant componet you chose. We recommend 1.9lpm for households and a family of four, it can save 100 litres per day.

What are the common applications?

Wash basins, kitchen sinks, dry balcony, overhead/hand showers, health faucets.

What is the life of the product?

10 years for corporation water supply abd 5 years for hard water.

Is there a warranty on the product?

Yes. 1 year manufacturer warranty which is covered only in case of breakage.

Does the aerator fit in to existing taps and old-make taps

The variants fit 95% of the taps, we have alternate components for older taps.

Do I need a plumber for installation?

No you do not need a plumber. It is very easy to install, you can refer to our video.