We conduct Geological, Hydrogeological and Geophysical investigation primarily to identify the strata beneath ground level for optimal groundwater-recharge at right locations and right depths

We provide a detail technical report and a map locating the water exploration points and recharge points, the report includes

  • VES (vertical electrical soundings) points on the geological map

  • Lithosection, a sketch showing the cross section and top view of this structure

  • Groundwater favourable zones

  • Other specific client required parameters

We use Schlumberger Array method for taking the vertical electrical soundings (V.E.S.) and measuring the resistivity of earth strata.

We Conduct Groundwater Mapping

To undertake Watershed Management project

To perform Aquifer Mapping

To study the feasibility of Rainwater Harvesting

To locate ideal locations for recharge wells as well as open dugwells and surface water bodies

To find out a suitable method for artificial groundwater recharge

To demarcate the groundwater-worthy and non-worthy areas

To study sub-surface geological formation and thickness of porous and permeable zones to accommodate the recharge

Frequently Asked Questions

What is groundwater mapping?

The scientific study of the hydro-geological parameters in a particular area by geo-physical investigation is known as groundwater mapping

Do I need groundwater mapping for RWH?

It is always advised to do it since the information is useful for predicting ideal location/s of the recharge/production well

What can I use the groundwater mapping information for?

Groundwater mapping helps us identify the optimal recharge locations and the ideal recharge structure (recharge/production wells, surface water bodies, wells etc.) Recharging at the optimal location in a property increases the efficiency drastically, resulting in more yield of water.

Where is Groundwater Mapping required?

Projects which fall under Environmental Clearance Act or Environmental Protection Act need to have Hydro Geological Survey Report as a part of compliance. It is a mandate to conduct the survey. Reports have to submitted to regulatory authorities as a part of due diligence and need to be produced on request.

I have done groundwater mapping before, should I do it again?

Not necessarily, as there may not be much variation in the underground strata.

How often should I do groundwater mapping?

It is a one time activity. The report should be preserved for future reference.