India is Facing a Major Groundwater Challenge

Groundwater table is depleting and modern infrastructure is restricting the rainwater to percolate. The situation can’t be ignored when India’s reliance on groundwater is over 60%. Residential Societies, Industries, Hotels, Corporates, Hospitals are buying water tankers at hefty rates.

The water table that took decades to build will not recharge on its own and instantly.

Our Approach

Is to conserve water through Rainwater Harvesting for groundwater sustainability

Compare Rainwater Harvesting Plans

We have developed a working model for our Residential and Industrial Clients and Builders and Architects Community. Contact Us for all other requests.

Feature Basic Preferred Comprehensive
Why Rainwater Harvesting?
Retrofit Existing Borewell
Dry/Low-Yield Borewell
Extra Water Requirement
Type of Property
Small Apt Complex
Big Residential Society
Under-Construction Property
Service Requirements
Filter Supply
Design & Consultation
Turn Key Service
Feature Recharge Captive Reuse Recharge Reuse
Why Rainwater Harvesting?
Green Rating/Certification
Reduce Water Cost
Become Water Positive
Industry Size
Large Water Intensive
Tanker Requirement
Feature One Time Solution Green Partners
Filter Supply
Design & Consultation
Turn Key Service
Type of Property
Small Housing Complex
Big Residential Society
Under-Construction/Renovation Property

Benefits of Ira’s Rainwater Harvesting

One time investment reaping staggering benefits

Groundwater level augmented and maintained

Water availability extended to summer

LEED® Green Building Rating, ISO certification achieved

Societies made tanker-free in matter of years

Borewells replenished, groundwater quality improved

Groundwater hardness reduced, less penetration of heavy minerals

Only 2% of the original price required for maintenance

Life of rainwater harvesting more than 20 years

Water footprint reduced, positive water balance

Greener land cover in turn reduced ambient temperature


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider Rainwater Harvesting (RWH)?

Today total dependence of Pune on groundwater is 60%. Each property in Pune has at least one borewell. Relentless water extraction is making borewells go dry.

Also you need RWH NOC to get a property completion certificate.So you should consider RWH for 2 reasons

  1. Consistent groundwater availability
  2. Property Completion Certificate

What are maintenance requirements and frequency of it?

Physical impurities that get accumulated on the filter cartridge need to be periodically removed and cleaned. It is a simple 15 min activity and is required to be performed 5 times in a year - once every month during monsoons (June, July, Aug, Sept) and once just before monsoons in May. Cartridge replacement is recommended every 4 years.

Total maintenance cost is usually 2% of the total project cost on an annual basis.

Do I get any subsidy?

Yes. You would get a 5% rebate in the Property Tax. You can apply for the rebate once rainwater harvesting is complete and you’ve received the RWH certificate.

What is total project cost?

The project cost can vary between Rs.20,000-50,000 for a bungalow depending upon the water quantum to be captured and the site conditions. This is just a general range, we can provide exact figure only after conducting a survey.

How many filters should I buy?

For domestic application one filter is recommended for every 1000 sq ft of rooftop area. For industrial applications Ira team needs to do the sizing exercise.

What are the cost savings if RWH done during construction?

If RWH is undertaken during the construction phase, you can save up to 25% of the costs incurred for a construction-completed bungalow.

Is it necessary and feasible to do RWH in a farmhouse?

It is rather absolutely necessary to do RWH in a farmhouse. A farmhouse being usually located outside the city, the water dependency is almost entirely on the groundwater. RWH helps in securing and augmenting the groundwater reserves ensuring a sustainable future and enjoyable stay in the farmhouse.

Does RWH cost more for a farmhouse?

Ira has a highly mobile team specifically undertaking farmhouse projects, hence even of the farmhouses are in outskirts there is no additional impact on cost. However farmhouses tend to have larger area and may have more water quantum requirement that may increase the relative cost of the project.

*FAQs are related to Residential Rainwater Harvesting, write to us for questions related to other plans