Who We Are?

Ira Sustainable Water Solutions is a leading professional services company in water conservation, helping industries, institutions and individuals conserve water. Our unique consultative approach helps clients envision and achieve their water goals.

Based in Pune since 2012 Ira is working with clients all over India. With over 135 Rainwater Harvesting projects completed Ira has been a catalyst in replenishing groundwater and improving ground water table in Western Maharashtra and Goa.

Team Ira

We are driven by a passion to bring about the social change of water conservation and improve India’s water situation.

Swapnil Potdar, Ira water

Swapnil Potdar


Swapnil has gained all-round professional experience in EPC, Manufacturing and R&D sectors while his tenure at Tata Motors, Essar Oil and Mahindra & Mahindra. He brings in his comprehensive expertise and incessant enthusiasm to Ira.

Udayam Gokhale, Ira water

Udyam Gokhale


Udyam is a second-generation business owner in his family business of Hard Chromium Plating. With an aptitude for innovation, entrepreneurship comes naturally to him. He lends solidarity to Ira with his studious and observant self.

Why Ira

We are containing the groundwater depletion before it is too late.

Sustainable and Optimum Solution

We provide a transformational experience and create long-term value through our solution. We understand the compelling event for water conservation requirement and develop a sustainable and effective model different for each project.

Established Player

Our clients have shown great faith in us giving us repeat business and providing referrals who have become our new clients, it is our water-conservation family. This family is the reason for us to stand out from the pack.

Quick Turnaround

We understand every facet of our job in-depth and have In-House Technical Team of plumbers, engineers, geologists, and so on. We have the job cut out for everyone for a precise execution and optimum functioning.

Future Technologies

We augment rainwater harvesting with other water conservation techniques and innovative technologies. We work with companies from progressive countries to import advanced water technologies to India.

Aims & Objectives

We started Ira with an aim to make water available through water conservation.
We have four objectives till year 2020 that guide our work

To improve groundwater table by recharging 10,000 borewells in India

To save 3 TMC water which is equivalent to size of a dam

To develop a sustainable model for rural water management

To raise awareness by educating children and working with policy makers, city planners and developers

What We Seek To Change?

Water availability is an ongoing issue, which is becoming more complex due to rising demand and depleting supply.
In order to align ourselves to our aim we have identified three key areas to focus on



Water is a basic necessity that is often overlooked and taken for granted. Attitude towards water should be changed. Water is a community resource, which is meant to be judiciously used, shared and conserved. Much of our work over the next three years will be focused on supporting/performing activities that can change people's attitudes and habits.



While there are rules and regulations in place at State and Central level, due to lack of awareness and absence of desire the reinforcement is weak. We will work with builders, developers, industries, and local municipal corporations to improve compliance in an attempt to save groundwater from pollution and depletion.



No impact is better than the one taken up at community level – be it awareness, engagement or reinforcement. It’s vital for everyone to understand their water sources and question and plan for sustainability. We will work towards influencing policy makers and city planners/developers to bring about avenues for more community involvement.